The Next Generation – Entrepreneurial Superstars of the Future!

People start a business for many reasons, there are some founders who are tired of the corporate lifestyle, the 9-5 rat race, others lose their job and working for themselves seems more appealing and a necessity.

Then there are the ‘creative’ ‘ideas’ people, the entrepreneurs who want more, and use their creativity, ambition, drive and passion to follow their dreams through, turn them into reality and never give up.

Furthermore, there are a number of young entrepreneurs under the age of 25 in the UK who are shining bright, successful and some already on their second, third or even fourth business venture. Just goes to show that not everything you read or hear about young people is negative like how the media like to portray them! Instead we have bright ambitious business stars, leaders in the making who are great role models for the even younger generation.

Never give up on your dreams, passion, be positive and lead the way.

Stay Focus

Stay Motivated

Believe and Achieve


Life Lessons from Mentoring

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MentorPin As I have shared in “ Becoming a Very Best Thing ,” I am mentoring a first grade girl this year through Seedling’s Promise , a school-based, research driven and metrics based program that has great training and great support.  The Seedling’s Promise link is a short award-winning video I think you will enjoy.

I come from a family that had its share of poverty and dysfunction, divorces and chaos.  As an adult, I even had a dad in prison.  The parallels between me and my little Mentee are many. You would think I would know everything I need to about how to communicate and behave constructively with her, but you would be wrong.

You see, I have forty plus years on her, and during that time I had a successful career, married a wonderful man, had two precious daughters, began my second career in philanthropy and along the way, I became…

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Thinking of volunteering however not sure of where to start? Here are some useful websites and organisations that will get you started: – The national volunteering database that contains over a million volunteering opportunities. – Contains volunteering opportunities, enables you  to connect to a national network of volunteers and is a platform for keeping in touch with volunteer managers and volunteer involving organisations across the UK. – The UK’s busiest charity job site but also contains a large amount of volunteering opportunities.  – Database of Skills Based Volunteering opportunities. – Database of volunteering opportunities and information for over 75 year old volunteers. – Database of volunteering opportunities for 16-25 year olds. – Packed full of information and articles for and about volunteers. – The home of Volunteering England, full of information sheets and resources for volunteers and volunteer leaders alike.


A few to get you started. Many volunteers recommend all the above and I have certainly benefited from them also!


Good Luck!







Plato said, ”Know thyself,” and never were more important words spoken. You must know yourself; what you are doing, what you are saying, what you are feeling, and what you are thinking, so you can bring yourself into harmony with the law. Know yourself.