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Life Lessons from Mentoring

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MentorPin As I have shared in “ Becoming a Very Best Thing ,” I am mentoring a first grade girl this year through Seedling’s Promise , a school-based, research driven and metrics based program that has great training and great support.  The Seedling’s Promise link is a short award-winning video I think you will enjoy.

I come from a family that had its share of poverty and dysfunction, divorces and chaos.  As an adult, I even had a dad in prison.  The parallels between me and my little Mentee are many. You would think I would know everything I need to about how to communicate and behave constructively with her, but you would be wrong.

You see, I have forty plus years on her, and during that time I had a successful career, married a wonderful man, had two precious daughters, began my second career in philanthropy and along the way, I became…

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